Strategic Plan

The five years strategic plan is intended to be a dynamic road map, defining a clear destination- where the organization wants to be in the year 2023. This plan is intended to drive positive change and continuity within Lakeside Disability Rights Advocacy initiative and the community. The plan provides a sharper focus to our work through community inclusive impact objectives that are driven by the community’s needs and priorities. It requires us to rethink about how we can organize our time and talent. The plan strongly reaffirms the organization’s commitment to support and advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities and the most vulnerable to have access to good living standard. The plan strengthens our commitment to donors, other developmental partners and community leaders.

Our Mission

To build a collective voice of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs),youth and women Self Advocacy Groups (SAGs) and by creating a supportive link with relevant stakeholders to advance the education and promotion of rights and fundamental freedoms.

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