Gender Guide

Our guide is to strengthen diversity and gender in its operation of work. Girls and women especially with disabilities are double stigmatized; Girls and women with disabilities mostly have less access to education, employment and other facilities than boys and men with disabilities and experience violence and sexual abuse.

Recognizing these gaps, Lakeside is making a commitment to better understand, integrate, and address intersecting issues of gender, disability, and sexuality through this guide. As we hire, train staff and analyze our work and the work of our partners, we hope to evolve this guideline into a strategy and plan with clear activities and indicators with which we can measure the impact of our work commitment on the lives of our beneficiaries.

Our Mission

To build a collective voice of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs),youth and women Self Advocacy Groups (SAGs) and by creating a supportive link with relevant stakeholders to advance the education and promotion of rights and fundamental freedoms.

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